To stage or not to stage

To Stage Or Not To Stage…..

We get this question a lot. There is no question at all and studies have proven that staging increases the salability of a home. Now when we think of staging, we think of all the TV show’s we watch where a moving truck come’s in with fancy furniture, high end picture’s and a team-they move out your old stuff and place new stuff in it’s place. Now this service would be great if we all had the money to hire these companies to do so, but a lot of us don’t. There is a solution. I call it “Simple Staging” simple staging is dealing with the furniture and décor you have to maximize salability while on a budget. The biggest thing when potential buyer’s come into a home is cleanliness. Cleanliness alone can win over potential buyer’s, it show’s you care about your home and have loved it while you owned. A clean home just gives off good vibe’s:) Now that you’ve got your home spic and span, it’s time to introduce Simple Staging. Start with decluttering your home, since the plan for you is to move anyways why don’t you take all of those stuffed animal’s and trinket’s off of your shelf and start boxing them up. If you have good furniture it’s ok to leave for instance a bedroom set, or a living room set, set up so people can visualize and see how big the space actually is. Sometimes a blank space actually gives off a smaller perception. Perception is a huge aspect. Get an unbiased opinion of a neighbor, friend or relative to walk in your front door and pretend they want to buy your place. Ask them for honesty and take what they say with grain of salt. Good luck and happy staging

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