With the buds on the tree’s finally starting to wake up from a long winter and show their beautiful silhouettes it means one thing…….the golf course’s are open for business. With in a half hours drive from Camrose you’ll find some local course’s. Each of which offer it’s own unique challenge’s. Some of our favorites […]

Spring Season Is Here-Hopefully….

Finally old man winter has softened his firm grip on Camrose and is letting the spring air and the warmth it brings in. With the warm up in weather and the longer days, buyers have started to come out and are back looking at houses once again. In the month of February, Camrose has seen 24 sales. That’s 15 more […]

Market Trends

Doing Your Homework in 2017….. Wishing we could grab a crystal ball, shake it, and see what the right answer is. Unfortunately we cant but we do have the power do a little market research and due-diligence of past sales vs current sales, current economic activity for the region, current price’s and more. A great website for this is […]

Checks and Balances

With the new mortgage rule this past week affecting the benchmark interest rate, I’ve had a lot of questions, the most frequently asked…. “What do we now qualify for and what does this mean for our family?” Just a quick refresher of an example of what this means to Albertan’s, courtesy of CBC. “Prior to today, an Alberta […]