Our website was launched in 2015 with the sole purpose of providing the city of Camrose an opportunity and resource to have all the right real estate listings in one place. When we first started we were surprised that this didn’t already exist and were excited when we set out to begin building our website.

The first step was hiring a designer that would be able to meet our needs both on the front end but also from a digital marketing perspective. After a few searches we ended up working with Sixo Media (located in Grande Prairie) as we had a personal connection to them.

After the website got launched we were happy to have all of our MLS data being pulled into the website on a regular basis without any issue. From there Sixo Media started building a marketing plan for us which involved getting us onto the first page of Google search for the majority of Camrose related real estate search terms. Within about 6 months we started seeing some significant changes and eventually started ranking for an abundant amount of the keywords we set out for.

Chances are you probably found us through Google search which is exactly what we wanted. During the time of initially launching our website we’ve redesigned it once and are beginning to work on an even better layout for the next version. We are incredibly happy and want to say thanks to Sixo Media for their continued work and we look forward to the next version of our website.

If you’re ever in the market for having a website build be sure to contact them to learn more about not just web design but also having your website show up in Google when people are searching for it. For more information on Sixo Media Web Design:

Sixo Media
12330 102 Street #206
Grande Prairie, AB
T8V 0N4
(587) 882-6023